Saturday, February 5, 2011

the chair

I've been on the lookout for a chair for my sewing table. I usually steal my husband's desk chair when i'm sewing, but that causes marital strife when he wants to be on the computer at the same time I'm sewing. LOL

ANYWAYS, I went into one of my favorite stores the other (Salvation Army), and found this ugly little chair for $3.00.

That is why I love that store! I quickly grabbed it up and also found the fabric I recovered it with for $1.00 for almost 4 yds of fabric. Oh yeah!! I love the lines of the chair, the kind of retro modern style it has to it.

I wanted it to stick out and show the style so I spray painted it Candy Red. It was some spray paint I had on hand that I found for $1.00 a can. So all in all this chair cost me lass than $5.00. Can't beat that!!

Green Bay Packers Dress

So this was supposed to be a quick little put together. It turned into a big ordeal. Carried out over many days, and many tears. Yeah tears, when I get frustrated I cry. Boy was I ever frustrated with this dress. I ended up going a TOTALLY different route then my original plan, but it still turned out great I think.

I don't have a tutorial since I just winged the whole thing and kept changing as I went along. (since everything kept messing up) LOL. I made it using a boys size large t-shirt and about 3/4 yd. of fabric and some ribbon.

It ended up costing me more than I had hoped for since I had to buy the fabric. But I guess since it's Green Bay Josh didn't care that we had to spend extra money LOL.