Wednesday, September 5, 2012

EPIC Room Makeover - Identity Crisis

Hi Mandi! I hope you like a good challenge, because my room is the most complicated room ever!! There is so much going on in this room. Let me give you some back story. We bought this house (our first) 5 years ago. This room was listed as a 3rd bedroom, or master suite. I'm not really sure what they were thinking because it absolutely can NOT be a bedroom and especially a master suite. So ever since then we have tried to figure out an identity for our room. For a long time, it was an office/craft room with a futon for guests. We tried to use it as our bedroom, that only lasted like a week. Then we had kids and we needed a playroom. But the crazy thing is there is more than than to it. It is also our Laundry room. It holds the doors to our driveway and our back porch, plus the pantry. There is a bathroom in the corner, and behind the bi-fold doors is our hot water heater and furnace. But to add to all of this, there is a giant stone fireplace right smack dab in the middle of it all. I need help with this identity crisis. Let me just show you:
This is the room in its current state. (This is looking in from the kitchen doorway)

This is what it looked like the day we bought it. (This is looking from the backdoor in)

Remember when I told you about the office with futon, well this is it.

This is the playroom area. (And my cute daughter who has no problem staying in her jammies all day so mom can craft and decorate) Also, the little play kitchen, my dad built it. He's a retired carpenter so he has the time and the skills to help us build anything we need.

At the end of playroom cabinet is my sewing table.

This is my husbands office. Sad very sad. By the way, my hubby redid that chair himself. He likes being crafty too. And he's hilarious, you'll see later. *Teaser*

That cabinet hold all my sewing and crafting supplies and this by our driveway entrance so its where everything gets dropped. See that chair, I did that chair and I love the crazy cow print fur that I put on the seat.

This is our driveway door. See the Insanity poster. My hubby did it and lost a TON of weight. (I'm so proud of him and his hard work so I had to throw that in there)

See the big stone fireplace. Look at the bottom right corner of it. See how the grout is lighter. That's because I started painting the grout to attempt to lighten it up, but I've just been to busy to finish it. The coffee table in front of it is where my daughter does playdoh and coloring and when I'm crafting/ sewing I use it too.

This is the bathroom. Which my daughter calls "The boys bathroom" because my husband is the only one who uses it.

When we are gone this is the room our dog stays in so there is her stuff. And those bi-fold doors, they would be the ones that hold the furnace and hot water heater.

 This is our laundry "room/closet" I tried to decorate this cute and well it's not. I painted this homemade mix of orange and made that giant white coffee filter lantern on the top shelf. The writing on the wall is Psalm 51:7 "Soak me in your laundry and I'll have a snow white life, scrub me and I"ll come out clean." 

This is the other back door that leads out to our back porch.
 And this is my pantry and that door to the right is where we started, the kitchen door.

I come from a long line of DIYers and crafters. We have DIYed everything we have ever done to our house (with some help from my dad). I also come from a long line of thrifters. Its in my blood. I would love to hang out with you Mandi, and the bonus would be my room getting a makeover. 

And just to show you how much we would love this makeover, my hubby made this HILARIOUS video.
(It's a parody to the Target commercial.)

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  1. Amy! Your hubs is AMAZING. He would totally fit into our family!! I am so glad that you entered, good luck!!!

    Love your guts