Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Gosh! I can't believe that it is 2011. where did 2010 go?

Anyways, we don't usually make resolutions, because we are so bad at keeping them. But this year we have 1 family resolution: To keep our house better organized and picked up. This is kind of a 2fer because it stems from wanting to have more friends & family over to our house for dinner/hang out/movie night/game night/etc. to spend more together time this year. But we can't hardly do this if I'm always worrying about the house.

When I know someone is going to be coming over (except for a select few who have seen my house at its worst), I clean like mad. I stay up till 1-2 am the night before cleaning and scrubbing every last inch. I'm a perfectionist when it come to that. I get overwhelmed and cranky and sometimes just plain mean. LOL.

So to fix this we started on our version of the Flylady program. It's great in some ways but not all of it works for us. So we kind of changed it around. We've been doing pretty good so far. We actually started right after Christmas.

 And what amazes me is we are having friends over to watch the Sugar Bowl tonight, and I'm not flipping out about getting the house cleaned up. I know I have basic things to do today like dust/sweep/mop/vacuum/dishes/laundry, but those are things I would be doing anyway. I love that I'm not stressing that the counters are piled with dishes or the bathrooms haven't been cleaned. Those things are already done and my list really isn't that bad.

I think this will spill over into making other things in my life better since I will be less stressed and not frustrated all the time that the house is messy. {When I say messy, it's messy to me, to other people it probably really isn't, like Josh...lol}

What were your New Year's Resolutions? Do you even make them? Try just making 1. Or even just making a January resolution and only doing it for 1 month. It only takes 1 month to make a habit.

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  1. Decluttering everything that I don't use or need. Use it up, Wear it out, make it do or do without....The Family motto for this year.